About Me


My name is Kelly Smith (MHS, DIP HYP, GQHP, DIP PC, MNCS).
I am a clinical hypnotherapist and Counsellor based in Cheshire. 
I have had my clinic now since 2009.


My relationship with therapies began when I was 18 when I saw a counsellor for over a year, then later in my 20’s. I experienced anxiety and night terrors and so I went to see a hypnotherapist for a few months and I have never looked back! This then sparked my love for Hypnotherapy and Counselling.


I treat every client, adult and child as an individual, tailoring each therapy session to suit your individual needs, working holistically treating the mind, body and spirit using a combination of counselling skills and hypnosis to empower you to make positive changes you need to lead a happy healthy life.

During your time with me as a client I undertake to give you my best attention, to consult you frequently about your experience of the process and to look to your best interests.

It depends on what you as a client bring as to the length of therapy and this is something that we would discuss on your initial assessment session. I am fully insured and I work to a strict code of ethical conduct laid down by the Hypnotherapy and Counselling Societies. I offer a completely confidential service, whilst adhering to the ethical framework for good practise in counselling and Hypnotherapy.

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Full Member of the Association of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists
The National Counselling Society
Hypnotherapy Society
The National Society of Hypnosis, Psychotherapy & Mindfulness